The Ritz Herald Reaffirms Commitment to Environmental Sustainability With Eco-Friendly Data Centers by GreenGeeks – Markets Herald

The Ritz Herald, a North American business news network headquartered in New York, NY, has announced a public commitment to sustainability.

According to the Climate Neutral Group, it is estimated that data centers consume about 3 percent of the global electricity supply and account for about 2 percent of total GHG emissions. That’s about the same as the entire airline industry. Alarming news this figure will increase to 5-7% of the global emissions has been seen during the COVID-19 pandemic. This growing problem has gotten the attention of The Ritz Herald, which is committed to creating long-term value for all stakeholders by operating responsibly, sustainably, and ethically.

The business newsgroup has pledged to reduce its environmental impact by selecting GreenGeeks as their green web hosting provider for The Ritz Herald and its national editions, including Markets Herald, Lincoln Citizen, Belmont Star, Fairmont Post, The Hudson Weekly, and Madison Graph.

In 2009, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognized GreenGeeks as a Green Power Partner. To solidify their role as green innovators in the web hosting space, GreenGeeks purchases three times the Renewable Energy Certificates they require to cover their actual consumption. To accomplish this, GreenGeeks partners with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), which calculates their overall energy consumption and carbon footprint, making REC recommendations.

“Today, organizations across all industries want sustainable alternatives and flexibility when it comes to managing and processing data with the ability to select best-in-class providers without enormous costs and complexity,” said Maxx Quinten, Editor-in-Chief of The Ritz Herald. “By selecting GreenGeeks data centers in Chicago, we can provide our customers with higher performance, reliable security, and carbon footprint reduction benefits.”

GreenGeeks data centers are equipped with raised floors, climate control, 24/7 security, fire suppression systems, water detection systems, UPS & generators – all of the features you expect from a premium data center.

To take their commitment to carbon footprint reduction to the next level, The Ritz Herald has partnered with TW Newswire by Tegan Watts Ltd, a trusted partner to global brands for their editorial placements. TW Newswire also utilizes GreekGeeks hosting and data services to ensure a greener future.

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The Ritz Herald Reaffirms Commitment to Environmental Sustainability With Eco-Friendly Data Centers by GreenGeeks – Markets Herald

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