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Squarespace has launched a new invoice scheduling tool in a bid to simplify the system that lets creators receive payments for bookings on their website.

The new tool lets users create, send, manage and track custom invoices, as well as accept payments, all in its website builder platform.

The release is the latest in a line of commerce-related Squarespace updates designed to help businesses diversify their revenue streams online.

Schedule invoices online 

Available now, the new Squarespace invoice scheduling feature includes tools to create invoices with autofilled appointment types, custom line items, and personalized messages. It also lets business owners view, save and duplicate invoices for future uses. 

Squarespace also factored in the need to track the status of an invoice through its website builder dashboard, which now displays all sent, outstanding and paid invoices in real-time. 

“When Acuity Scheduling joined Squarespace in 2019, our goal was simple – to make it seamless for our customers to offer appointment scheduling and manage bookings through our platform,” said Squarespace in a blog post (opens in new tab).

“To simplify the payment process, customers can send invoices directly to clients using a unique shared link, and payments are processed safely and securely.”

Each invoice also includes a header listing personalized business names and emails. Although the business name displayed on the invoice is customizable, the email address is not, as the email address will default to the email that each business owner uses to log into their Squarespace account.

There is also the ability to add a message to the client, tax due information and invoicing that includes the subtotal including tax as well as the total amount.

TechRadar Pro has asked Squarespace for clarification over which regions have access to the invoice scheduling tool, but the site builder and web hosting company is yet to reply.

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Squarespace update eliminates a common frustration for small businesses – TechRadar

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