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Pittsburgh, September 14, 2021 / PRNewswire /- MSP360Appointed a provider of simple and reliable backup and IT management solutions for MSP and IT departments around the world Amit Kumar As vice president in charge of operations.He works closely with MSP360 CEO Brian Helgeland Helps improve the customer experience and drive profitable growth.

Kumar brings nearly a decade of operational experience to MSP360 in several SaaS companies. Prior to MSP360, he helped a web hosting company Endurance International Group Increase your bottom line by more than 40%.He also helped build data analysis capabilities at Single PlatformThis has helped SaaS product companies optimize not only customer onboarding but also the overall user experience.He also helped Constant contact We have launched new e-commerce services such as the deployment of omni-channel e-commerce management tools and AI marketing automation algorithms designed to enhance the effectiveness of email marketing.

“I’m excited about Amit joining the growing team,” Hellwig said. “I’m with him for many years of experience operating within a SaaS enterprise. To his contributions to MSP360 and to the thousands of MSPs and IT administrators who have already benefited from the MSP360 platform. I’m looking forward to introducing you. “

About MSP360

Founded in 2011 by a group of IT professionals, MSP360 provides MSP and IT departments around the world with simple, reliable and state-of-the-art backup and IT management solutions. The MSP360 platform handles all aspects of the most user-friendly backup solution to provide best-in-class data protection, secure remote access software to provide support to customers or team members, and IT infrastructure. Combined with painless RMM.

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MSP360 Appoints New Vice President of Operations | Around the Web-Pennsylvania –

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