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Web hosting are the most important part of any online business. It’s an integral and starting point which would determine the success of any online business or application.

So whether you’re an independent aspiring or existing blogger or a big business, trying to venture into the cyber space, you should know that good Web hosting provider is part of what would guarantee your success.

While there are tons of Web hosting providers out there all offering to do the job perfectly, it’s often hard to get the most reliable company that can be perfect in all ways.

Although there isn’t anything perfect in the world we live in especially the Internet, but we’ve helped to select the very few which are way better than others who offers the Web hosting services online.

What makes the best Web hosting

There ar so many factors to consider when choosing a Web hosting provider in 2019. But the most important thing is the value for the money. You wouldn’t have to rely on a hosting provider that’s not offering a good services.

Security of your Data and Information

That’s the number one most important thing we always consider before putting a Web hosting company on our list.

Aside just making a top list of best Web hosting provider in 2019, we all know that the moment a website starts becoming popular, it starts attracting hackers who’ll be trying all methods possible to bypass security and get hold of information.

While the major security of your website depends on your ability to manage and detect early issues on time, the offerings by the Web hosting company should also include advanced security solutions which would be hard to bypass.

Although some hosting companies do make this up as part of the services you’re buying, others do create it as addon solution for improved security.

Either way, it’s always worth the investment because in most cases, your hosting company would likely detect a security threat using their systems more often than you and that way, you can be rest assured to keep your website well updated while the company takes care of the security on your behalf.


“HTTPS” is also very important nowadays. Its even said that Google don’t rate websites without the “HTTPS”.

What is the HTTPS anyway, it stands for “Secured HyperText Protocol”. You can notice this if you check the URL bar of your browser to see a “little” green key beside the URL. This shows the presence of HTTPS.

What makes this possible is the presence of an SSL certificate. This certificate verifies your domain name as a reliable and registered business.

So your website can then save vital information such as credit card numbers and so forth if you’re selling items in your website or you require users to sign in.

Most hosting companies offers this out of the box as part of the services purchased. But majority of the SSL certificates they offer are general certificates which means its the same for everyone on that network. That’s not bad…. Since SSL is SSL.

But on the other hand, you can purchase a customized SSL certificate for your business which signifies your ownership whenever anyone visits.

For example, visit “” and you’ll notice the information of the Company being visible right beside the URL at the address bar.

This separate purchase are usually permanent or periodical. Meaning you renew the certificate after a set period of time.

Easy Back up and Restore

This is another important thing we consider when picking up web hosting services.

Your Web hosting company must have an advanced backup and restore solution which would make it easy for your website to be restored just in case things go wrong.

While the security of your website comes first, backup is the second option you get when things eventually go wrong.

Most Web hosting companies offers large spaces which can be enough when creating a duplicate of your website.

WordPress for example has addons or plugins that makes it possible to backup your entire website data including the database and media files.

Even though WordPress is the most used Content Management Software in the world, there are other website solutions that requires using other solutions for example, Magento for ecommerce.

So the most reliable way to backup your website would be from the Web hosting provider side. Some companies offers this as addon service while others includes it as part of the package you purchase. But the most important thing is that this option is available.

Easy to Upgrade or Downgrade plans

This is very important too. When choosing a Web hosting provider in 2019, one thing to keep in mind is how easy it is to upgrade your plans to a more robust one or downgrade back to a lesser and affordable plan.

This is usually needed when your business is scaling and the initial plan can’t handle the traffic, security, space needed to run the website successfully.

While ability to downgrade when your business is at the moderate level but you’re paying too much for unnecessarily high spaces.


How easy it is to get across to the sales, technical or support team whenever you run into a wall is very important.

Most Web hosting providers offers an instant chat system on their websites whereby you can easily contact a representative live and have a conversation to get your problems solved.

Others offers their support via direct email which would usually take longer to get response compared to instant messages.

Some offers toll free direct calls. But calling a representative from international number could be hard to do and in some cases impossible. This is why the support is extremely important as it deals with matters of urgency.

“One click to install” Software

Not everyone is a techie. And you might not even be able to afford a software engineer to install software for you.

A big plus for the Web hosting provider in 2019 is having the one click to install solutions which makes it easy for you to install software such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and so forth.

Some of this companies uses Softaculous software which is inbuilt into the administrative dashboard, others uses their own software built by their engineers.

Either way, the most important thing is being able to click on a button and get the software of your choice installed instantly.


Even if you’re getting paid for just viewing a website, ones it’s taking to long to load on a normal Internet speed, you get frustrated and leave.

That’s how bad slow website is for businesses. Many large corporations spends millions of dollars trying to upscale their website speed.

Most Web hosting providers in 2019 offers different hosting plans with each being speedier than the other.

Shared Hosting for example are usually slower because there are lots of websites hosted on those.

But as a matter of fact, not all shared hosting are built the same way. Some are channeled to cater with more advanced solutions which makes them slightly more expensive than the normal shared hosting plans.

But the truth is speed.
CDN or Content Delivery Networks are other ways of speeding up website load time.

This systems works by moving cached data and information to different servers closer to your visitors location.

For example, whenever your website is updated, some static files such as images and static pages that don’t get modified so often such as contact us or about us gets moved to the server nearer to your visitors or customers.
These CDN servers are usually in different location worldwide.

There are numbers of third party CDN servcir providers that you can use for hosting your data which do the heavy lifting for your Web hosting provider which in turn speeds up your website.

But running speed test to determine how fast your Web hosting provider is is a very important because that would impact negatively of positively on your business.

Page Builder

There are one-click install software on most Web hosting providers. But another prominent solution is the page builder software which is basically an easier to use drag and drop static HTML builder to create a basic look usually from an existing template for your website.

Let’s assume your website is just a profile of things you do which wouldn’t get so updated often, then this option is really great for you.

Which is why we added this as part of the criterias to look for before choosing a Web hosting provider as one of the best in 2019.

The ability to be able to build your own website by yourself using an extremely easy to use software saves you all the cost of hiring someone just to put something out there that speaks about your business.

Easy Migration

This is another powerfully point when picking a Web hosting provider in 2019 especially if you already host your website on some bad Web hosting companies.

Moving files that weighs in Gigabyte can a serious trouble especially for websites that hosts large data or that’s been existing for a very long time.


Aside that, been able to migrate or transfer your domain name to your new hosting company should be part of what they market as an add on.

While this might of course attract some extra bills, it’s a very easy solution whereby you’re rest assured your website data gets moved from one server to the other without you having to trouble yourself moving those files and data which might eventually lead to data misplacement.

We’ve done a thorough job by testing and researching the very best Web hosting providers in 2019 and below is our lost of the best among the best.



Dreamhost suddenly became a very important web hosting service provider since early 2014 and ever since then, the company had been gaining more prominence because of the high value services they render to their clients and customers.

Dreamhost offers 5 different plans which are all targeted at different customers depending on their needs and wants.

One thing about Dreamhosr is their support which is an absolute plus to their service.

Either you call them or chat with them, they’re always there to solve your problem. While calling them isn’t really advisable because they’re not always going to pick up, their chat system is the best. They always have operators who are in there to attend to your needs.

Their plans spans from WordPress hosting up to Cloud hosting among which includes Shared Hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated Hosting plans. They also offer migrating tour website for you but at a small price and they can also help register your domain name or transfer to them.

They offer you the ability to upgrade or downgrade your plans anytime you want which I like. They also offer CDN from Cloudflare as a free addon and even a free SSL certificate to secure you’re website from Fraudsters online.

Based on experience, Dreamhost ranks as one of the most popular Web hosting provider online and its reliability makes its growing customer base unending numbers.

Deamhost Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting Starting at: US$2.59/M
WordPress Hosting Starting at: US$2.59/M
VPS Hosting Starting at: US$10.00/M
Dedicated Hosting Starting at: US$149/M
Cloud Hosting Starting at: US$0.0075/hour


Deep Bluehost Review, #1 best web host for small businesses in 2017.

Bluehost is yet another big brand in the Web hosting jndustry offering varieties of services from shared hosting plans to VPS hosting, email hosting, dedicated server and cloud server.

Bluehost also offer specialised WordPress hosting services to people who uses the software as a base tool for their website.

Aside offering a cheap Web hosting products to start with, they also offer magnificent support.

Contacting Bluehost via their chat system would take on the average 5 minutes for an actual human to respond after been welcomed by their chatbot.

Also, they have a really large and growing customer base all around the world. Their C-Panel is very comprehensive and easy to administer by anyone.

Bluehost also offer email services as parts of hosting plans purchased. And while the numbers of email accounts hosted might vary based on hosting plans purchased, their hosting system definitely one of the best.

They also offer you big enough disk space and bandwidth to manage your website content and traffic with ease.

Bluehost Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting Starting at: US$3.95/M
WordPress Hosting Starting at: US$3.95/M
VPS Hosting Starting at: US$19.99/M
Dedicated Hosting Starting at: US$79.99/M

1 and 1 Ionos

1&1IONOS Review 2020 – Is It Worth It?

I switched to 1and1 after a long time with Dreamhost. The experience had by far been the one of the greatest.

1and1 Ionos offers an abslotely great service which ranged from special WordPress hosting up to Cloud hosting.

Although my initial experience with 1and1 Ionos wasn’t very great because their system was very new and hard to understand for me. I tried reaching out to them via chat but then I realised they barely chat but prefer you call them.

Calling to explain my problems orally isn’t something I’m really used to doing. I’d prefer typing because that way, I’d be able to think more while typing.

But well, that was a big disadvantage on 1and1 Ionos’ service. There are definitely going to be some clients and users who’d prefer typing rather than talking just like me.

But on the bright side, Ionos offers great services which are sub categorised. Each of the categories have special features which makes them unique and different from the other.

Their Web based Cpanel is very easy to use and very responsive even on mobile applications. And of course they have a special mobile app specially built for the C-Panel which is a big plus considering the fact that you might want to do something urgently right on your mobile device.

1and1 Ionos Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting Starting at: US$1/ first month
WordPress Hosting Starting at: US$1/ first month
VPS Hosting Starting at: US$2/M
Dedicated Hosting Starting at: US$45/M


Hostgator Logo Png, Transparent Png - kindpng

In 2014 while I was looking for a good hosting service provider for a client, I turned on to Hostgator and it was a very massive and successful migration from a local hosting provider the company was initially hosting their website on.

Hostgator oversimplified the migration process with the support of their technical team which always attend to my needs at whatever time I want it. It of course made my work fast and smooth.

Hostgator is ranked among the best web hosting companies in 2019 because of the value they offer their customers.

Aside offering budget friendly hosting plans, they also offer outstanding supports with their strength being the Web chat.
As said earlier, chatting to most customers is one of the best ways of expressing a problem to a technical operator which is a device Hostgator had been able to make possible.

Hostgator too offers WordPress based services, cheap shared hosting plans and their domain name subscription is one of the cheapest in the world.

They have WYSIWYG website editor for thwir premade HTML templates to get you up and running in no time while still offering easy to access one-click install solution for advanced software and CMS like self hosted WordPress, Drupal, Magento and so forth.

Their service is very fast thanks to their partnership with top Content Delivery Networks as well as secured SSL certificate for your website all which equates to Speed , Security and Support (SSS).

Hostgator Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting Starting at: US$2.75/M
WordPress Hosting Starting at: US$5.95/M
VPS Hosting Starting at: US$19.95/M
Dedicated Hosting Starting at: US$89.98/M
Website Builder Starting at: US$3.84/M


Is iPage HIPAA Compliant? – Paubox

Believe it or not, IPage is the most affordable and budget friendly Web hosting provider in the world in 2019.

IPage is known for their $0.99 rhetoric which at some point seams too cheap to be real unless you give it a trial and of course I did and the result carefully cleared all my doubts about the company’s mega affordable Web hosting plans.

First of all, they have a really great support especially when they’re called, they pick up often. When you chat them up, they’ll basically respond.
We all know sending and receiving emails usually take a couple of working days which to my opinion isn’t bad at all.

But their server hardly crash due to overcongestion from massive traffic and so forth. Their nice dashboard panel is really well designed to allow customers have access to whatever it is they want to do.

They also offer SSL certificates for free and they connects you with a CDN that hosts your website data on their multiple networks.

They basically targets the small and medium sized organizations whose usage of the Internet isn’t overtly used due to u controllable influx of traffic like a a Video streaming website.

They also have a Web designer software with an easy drag and drop interface. They also offer one click install software for major CMS and open source Web applications you might want as a ground base tool for your website.

iPage Hosting Plans

WordPress Starter plan – Starting at: US$3.75/M
WordPress Essential Plan – Starting at: US$6.95/M
VPS Hosting Starting at: US$19.99/M
Dedicated Hosting Starting at: US$119.99/M
Shared web Hosting Starting at: US$1.95/M


Go Daddy Logo, HD Png Download - kindpng

GoDaddy isn’t new in the Web hosting industry as they’ve been known for a long time now and they’ve been offering absolutely great services to their customers online throughout the globe.

GoDaddy is known for offering very budget friendly services without compromising the absolute value you get for ever penny you spend on their hosting plans.

They offer various hosting plans based on your needs. I have had great experiences with GoDaddy in the past and it was really great.

They use latest software to power up millions of websites already hosted on their computers.

The integration of CDN and free SSL is all that’s needed to speed up and secure your website completely.

GoDaddy’s support during my time with them wasn’t 100% great as there were usually unresolved issues which usually lead me to over Googling what to do or I take on the duty of solving those technical issues by myself which could’ve been easily done by their team from the backend.

Trying to reach them via chat too sometimes takes longer before they actually respond. Calling them is fine but it was still disappointing.

Although things have changed for the better now considering the levels of improvement in the tech industry at large, they absolutely offer one of the best hosting service in the world and it would be great to give It a try.

GoDaddy Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting Starting at: US$5.99/M
WordPress Hosting Starting at: US$6.99/M
VPS Hosting Starting at: US$4.99/M
Dedicated Hosting Starting at: US$129.99/M

WP Engine

WP-Engine-managed-hosting-review-logo - La Vie en Rose Florist

WP Engine is a dedicated WordPress hosting company that has all the essentials and tools that are specially tailored to the needs and wants of those who run WordPress as their website base or CMS.

Come to think of it, WordPress is a big deal in that it’s been used by millions of people all around the world while it remained free, there are few servers or should I say Web hosting companies that are specifically dedicated to it.

While that number may be growing already in 2019, WP Engine is an established solution for that.

Their plans varies but the basic plans supports the latest technologies used to power up the WordPress CMS. And since 40% of the software powering up most websites on the Internet are built on WordPress, WP Engine is an absolute solution for that.

Their support is really adequate and their dashboard panel is really basic and easy for anyone to setup within minutes. You wouldn’t have to struggle with things like where to get the file explorer or installing scripts. Everything is done in simple click after click.

WP Engine hosting plans

Small and Medium Businesses Starting at: US$22.50/M
Enterprise Hosting
Agency Hosting Pans Starting at: US$10.00/M

BECA Verdict

With still so many of them listed above, selecting the very best Web hosting provider depends solely on you to some large extent.
While majority of this hosting companies have something in common, other things that differentiate them includes Web hosting pricing plans, dedicated supports and support methods, response time, disk space and bandwidth and other freebies which includes SSL certificate or the free CDN access you get.

All these meant that you can have something somewhere and not have it in the other place which is really prominent on products and services today.

Everyone of these webhosting companies offers absolute value for the money and anyone you try will deliver absolute result that will enhance your flow.

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