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6 common questions you might be having about shared web hosting

Heard about shared hosting and wondering whether it will be a good fit for your website? Perhaps you are having some basic questions about shared web hosting, and we are going to give you the best answers to help you make an educated choice.

First of all…

What is shared web hosting? 

Simply said, this type of web hosting refers to a single physical server that hosts multiple websites. They say sharing is caring, and in the case of shared hosting – sharing means lower cost for everyone involved. If your website is built with this type of hosting service, its data will be stored on a server along with the data of other sites. In fact, shared servers often host hundreds of sites.

With the questions and answers below, we are helping you understand the advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting. Let’s begin.

Is shared web hosting budget-friendly?

Long story short – yes, it is. Since many other website owners are contributing to the costs of the server, this type of web hosting is considered very economical. If you’re planning to run a small website that doesn’t demand advanced configurations and high bandwidth, this is an excellent choice for you. In comparison, the cheapest shared web hosting can be from $2.75 to $15$ a month, whereas dedicated hosting can go up to $700! 

So, if you’re running a small website that doesn’t require huge resources, you can safely go for this type of hosting.

How does shared web hosting work?

As already mentioned, the basics of shared hosting is that multiple websites split the resources of a single physical server. A lot of users employ the resources of a single server, making the costs of the server very affordable. Each involved user gets a section of the server where they host their site files.

Why would I want to choose shared web hosting?

Shortly said, several simple reasons that could make shared web hosting the best or worst choice for you:

  • If you want to start a small website or a personal blog;
  • If you don’t have significant financial resources and want to run your site on a small budget;
  • If you are inexperienced in web hosting and have close to no knowledge;
  • If you don’t require access to thorough web programming;
  • If you want to run your website on WordPress or Joomla.

What are the disadvantages of shared web hosting? 

Surely, this type of hosting has its downsides, such as:

  • Loading speed not as sufficient as with dedicated hosting;
  • The performance of your website can be affected by other websites that are sharing the same server;
  • Your growing traffic may also affect the performance of your site and lead to sluggishness;
  • Limited customization options and in most cases, no root access to the server.

Is shared web hosting secure?

This question is tricky. With shared hosting, it depends on who you are sharing the same server with. Since you’re sharing the same IP address with others, the online reputation of all involved sites can affect yours. What if you’re sharing the server with a malicious actor?

In fact, your hosting “neighbors” don’t have to be illegal or malicious in nature in order to harm your reputation. Search engines such as Google are careful when indexing specific sensitive content such as gambling and adult sites. Web crawlers could use IP filters to select what sites should rank, which could result in over-blocking. You should note that over-blocking can filter out material that should be acceptable under the filtering policy. 

There is something called Scunthorpe problem where health-related information may unintentionally be filtered along with adult-related content.

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6 common questions you might be having about shared web hosting – Times Square Chronicles

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