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Cenmax, One of the fastest-growing web hosting and cloud solutions company announced that it will provide free of cost DDoS protection to all its Linux VPS and Windows VPS users despite the plan and location they are hosted on. An official statement on the same was given by Mr. KR Kavin Raj, the founder, and CEO of Cenmax.

“Since our inception, we’re always striving to provide the best possible service at the best possible price. While we are rolling out many improvements to our networks and adding more and more features to our products, we hope that this announcement would be the best one we’re making this year”, he exclaimed.

He said, “DDoS Protection is essential in this modern era to ensure the availability of the service. Starting from today, all our VPS servers regardless of the location and plan will get 1GBPS DDoS filtering for absolutely free of cost. No additional costs or no associated terms. Everyone will get this free DDoS filtering service automatically.”

“DDoS protection is extremely expensive. Especially when you have to build it on a scale. We are operating in a lot of locations, and we had to build the system on a greater scale with the future in mind. It took us a lot of time to develop this and costed a fortune. But that doesn’t mean we should charge a hefty price for that. Security is essential, and we hope that cost shouldn’t be a barrier for smaller companies to get secured. That’s the primary reason why we made our DDoS protection service available for absolutely free of cost. We take pride in securing our users,” he added.

Kavya Priya, the CTO of Cenmax stated that “Cenmax is growing rapidly. We wanted to take a step forward to secure our customers. That’s why we built a globally resilient DDoS firewall with over a TBPS filtering capacity. At the end of the day, all businesses no matter what they do, have to stay secured and we’re proud that we’re doing the best we can do to keep everyone secure”.

Cenmax is currently providing VPS servers in 10 locations (ie., Seattle VPS, NYC VPS) across 3 continents. As per the report released from Cenmax, All VPS servers in all these locations will get access to the DDoS filtering service for free while free DDoS Service has already been activated for its dedicated server product 1 month before.

About Cenmax:

Cenmax is one of the most popular website hosting provider who operates in more than 17 global locations and has been in business for more than 7 years. It provides cost-effective and reliable Dedicated Servers, VPS Servers, and Web hosting services to its 3000+ clients across 80 countries on the globe. Cenmax is known for its rapid deployment as it is one of the few companies in the industry to be able to deploy 1000s of servers in just a matter of days.

Media Contact
Company Name: Cenmax
Contact Person: Neeraj Kumar
Email: Send Email
Phone: +91 9444126281
Country: India
Website: cenmax.in

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Cenmax Introduced Free DDoS Protection for VPS Servers – Press Release – Digital Journal

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