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WPMU Dev Hosting Review!

WPMU Dev is a popular WordPress platform with millions of its users across the globe. The company has recently launched its own hosting platform to provide seamless integration and fast performance to your WordPress websites. If you are planning to buy a new hosting or want to switch the existing hosting plan, then you must check out the detailed review of WPMU Dev Hosting.

What is WPMU Dev Hosting? 

WPMU Dev provides many WordPress-related services to the users including plugins and other tools to help the site owners to manage their websites easily. By introducing the hosting platform, the company has stepped into the competitive world as there are already a bunch of popular and trusted hosting providers in the market.

With new WPMU DEV Hosting, you can easily manage to host up to 3 websites. The user-interface of this hosting is super easy and very user-friendly for the newbies. You can explore different hosting plans and can easily set up your first blog with easy-to-follow instructions. To know more about this hosting provider, let’s check out the useful features of it first.

WPMU Dev Hosting: Key Features 

WPMU Dev Hosting offers fully managed WordPress Hosting with pre-loading plugins and features which you can use instantly on your WordPress site. It offers one-click install feature to install the WordPress with just one click.

User-friendly Interface 

What you would like about this hosting is its user-friendly environment. It serves a familiar interface where you would be provided with all the useful tools and features on the main page. The dashboard includes all the essential features which you can use while setting up your website.

Advanced Security

Unlike other hosting providers, WPMU Dev provides advanced multi-layer security with built-in security features such as firewall, file scanning, two-factor authentication and more. With the Defender plugin, you can add an extra layer of security to your website.


It is also known for providing super-fast web hosting service. All the useful tools such as caching, duplicating and many other advanced tools are included and enabled to speed up the loading speed of your website.


Backup of your data is important for every site owner. You can take regular back up of your site’s data and can restore the data with one-click whenever needed. It’s super easy and very helpful to keep the data secured.  You can choose from two different backup methods, automatic daily backups and manual backups as per your requirements.

Free SSL Certificate 

Each website hosted on the WPMU Dev’s Hosting will be provided with an SSL Certificate. You will not be asked to buy a new SSL Certificate from a third-party owner.


It comes with advanced migration tools to migrate your WordPress site with one-click. If you want to switch your existing web hosting to WPMU Dev, then you can easily migrate your old blog or website to WPMU Dev with instant migration tools.

Apart from this, the web-hosting from WPMU Dev includes a number of plugins and additional services for a seamless web-hosting experience. You can host any type of website on this hosting with no hassle.

How to Create and Host a New WordPress Website on WPMU Dev Hosting?

All the products and services of WPMU Dev can be accessed right from its web-based platform. You can also use the hosting dashboard and everything from one single website. The user-interface is super-easy and all the tools and features are easily accessible.

Once you buy a hosting plan, you will be required to log into your WPMU Dev’s main hosting hub. On the top site, you will see a few options from where you need to select the Hosting option.

When you select the Hosting option, you will be asked to add a new Website. Click on to the Add a new website button from the upper right corner. If you are already using it, then you will be able to see the list of other websites hosted on this platform. You can manage everything from here by using the different sections. You can also migrate a website from the same section.

After that, you need to create your own user account which will be needed to log into your WordPress site. Enter your personal details and set up a new account.

In the next page, you will be asked to select your region. Select a suitable region from the drop-down menu. Once done, the platform will start creating a WordPress website with the selected domain for you.

It will take a couple of minutes to finish the process. Once done, click on to the Manage button given beside the URL of your newly created site. You will be able to manage your website’s hosting from here.

When you sign into WordPress platform with the newly created account, you will see the WPMU Dev’s menu at the WordPress Admin Menu. Click the button to access all the tools, plugins and services offered by the company. Explore the Dev Dashboard and the Hosting Hub to manage things as per your needs.


WPMU DEV offers free 7 days of trial for the new members. Within the free trial period, you will be able to use all the products, services, plugins etc. for free. It comes with a simple price of $49/m for unlimited access to plugins, products and services for unlimited websites.

Final Words: 

Unlike the standard hosting providers, WPMU Dev Hosting got a lot of other services and extra products which you can avail by opting for a simple web hosting plan. The hosting service is unique and gives you full flexibility and freedom to host multiple websites and to use different premium services and plugins on your other WordPress blogs/ websites. It’s a powerful hosting platform which you cannot ignore!

Author | Emily Forbes 

An Entrepreneur, Mother & A passionate tech writer in the technology industry!

Email:- forbesemily@yandex.com


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WPMU Dev Hosting Review! – The TechNews

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