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Rad Web Hosting Announces Unmetered Dedicated Servers for Streaming

Rad Web Hosting provides unmetered dedicated servers.

Rad Web Hosting provides Unmetered Dedicated Server Hosting in multiple US datacenters.

DALLAS, TX, MARCH 30, 2020 — RAD WEB HOSTING, a leading provider of web hosting services, including KVM VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting is pleased to announce the availability of Unmetered Dedicated Servers.

With the increased demand for streaming services, the importance of reliable, high-bandwidth dedicated server hosting is rapidly growing. 

Now, users can rent unmetered dedicated servers, hosted in top-tier USA datacenters with access to unlimited monthly bandwidth. 

Rad Web Hosting servers are connected to their premium network blend of multiple Tier 1 fiber, which provides redundant failover to prevent downtime. All servers are connected to the network by full-duplex uplink ports with unshared access to 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps.

Server plans include either single-cpu Intel Xeon E3-12XX or dual-cpu Intel Xeon E5-26XX processors with configurable memory, storage, and IP addresses. By default, every server includes 4 IPv4 and a /64 subnet of IPv6. 

For clients that prefer flexible KVM VPS servers to bare-metal, there is currently a FLASH SALE on on all KVM VPS services, regardless of payment currency.

Dedicated Servers are deployed in Tier 3+ Phoenix, AZ data center. 

For more information, please see: https://radwebhosting.com/dedicated-servers/unmetered-dedicated-servers

About Rad Web Hosting

Founded in 2014, RAD WEB HOSTING has grown quickly with a reputation as a leader in KVM VPS and dedicated server hosting.  Dallas-area businesses enjoy an alternative approach to cloud and VPS services provided on-demand and fully-customizable. This method of service delivery ensures clients are not forced into “One-size-fits-all” solutions and are able to maximize performance and minimize monthly spend.

For more information please visit Rad Web Hosting at: https://radwebhosting.com

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Company Name: Rad Web Hosting Dedicated Servers
Contact Person: Scott Claeys
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Phone: +1.8668444908
Address: 2500 W Union Hills Dr
City: Phoenix
State: AZ
Country: United States
Website: https://radwebhosting.com

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Rad Web Hosting Announces Unmetered Dedicated Servers for Streaming – Virtual-Strategy Magazine

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